How to Buy, Store, Grow and Preserve Your Food


People all across the country are quietly preparing, storing food for short-term emergencies and long-term survival. From urban areas to the most rural, people are learning how to be self-sufficient and grow their own or tap into local food resources. As a group, we’re combining timeless wisdom with modern technology by putting by freeze dried meals and emergency supplies, just in case. Some of us are homesteaders, others are suburban preppers; still others are urban survivalists.

Here at Survival Food List, we provide information and resources to help you create an emergency survival food storage plan and implement it with the best foods for your family and situation.

Certain foods are key to short-term survival, and a wider variety is necessary for long-term survival preparation. This survival food list covers both the basics for a few days without power as well as what would be needed for a long emergency.

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